I found a few of these question and answers directly from the Government of Canada - that may help you to assist the people calling. It is a sad state for St.Vincent and the Grenadines. They also state on the site that "Canada assesses several factors when deciding whether a country’s citizens need a visa. St. Lucia and St. Vincent no longer meet all of the criteria for visa exemption."

Q: I already have my ticket to Canada. Do I now need to get a visa?
A: Yes. You need to apply for a temporary resident visa at the Canadian visa office in Port of Spain. If you need to travel to Canada quickly, check the visa office website to learn about your options.

Q: I am living in St. Lucia/St. Vincent and want to travel to Canada. How can I apply for a visa?
A: You need to apply for a temporary resident visa at the visa office in Port of Spain. You can apply by mail, by courier or in person.
In the coming months travellers to Canada will be able to apply online for all temporary resident visas.

Street address:
The High Commission of Canada
Maple House, 3-3A Sweet Briar Rd.,
St. Clair, Port of Spain,
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Mailing address:
The High Commission of Canada
P.O. Box 1246
Port of Spain
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
868-622-6232 / 868-O-CANADA
Note: T&T is on the North American telephone system, so calling from outside the country is the same as calling to, or within, North America.
868-628-2619 (Immigration)
868-628-2576 (Trade/Commercial and Public Affairs)
868-628-2930 (Consular)
868-628-2581 (Administration)
868-628-1830 (General Relations and Political Affairs)
General mailbox:
For enquires about studying in Canada, legislation information, tourism enquires, etc:
For trade related enquiries:
Immigration enquiries:
**Please note that any immigration enquiries sent to the General Mailbox will not be acknowledged. Please ensure that you use the designated immigration enquiry email address to assure that your inquiry is addressed.

Hope this helps.

Can we talk about race, please?

Last month, a colleague closed our meeting by stating in reference to two potential clients that he would “send the two monkeys” over to my office in the morning. I assumed I had misheard him. He repeated it. Breath escaped me when he pointed out two men in his waiting room: one in Back Street business attire, the other casually dressed, both Black with very, very dark skin. Reading my dismay, he asked me whether I could not now see why he had called them monkeys. You will not publish this letter if I repeat my response verbatim. I remember surprise writ large across his countenance, his sheepish laughter, the claim I was overreacting.

In the wake of the incident I have recounted the experience to friends and colleagues; too many of whom are simply unsurprised and vaguely offended. This is a commentary on the banality of Black self-hatred in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Self-loathing is not unique to our country. Epidemic skin bleaching in West Africa, bombardment of light-skinned women in hip hop and R&B music videos in the US, the multiplicity of biracial categorizations among Black Brazilians, light-skinned modelling in regional advertising of aspirational products such as banking services (everyday items like phone credit and detergent, not so much).

However, there’s something in the water in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Try buying a Black doll in St. Vincent. Better yet, try finding a Vincentian child who wants a Black doll. If memory serves, it was Searchlight Newspaper a few years ago which asked random children at Christmas what they wanted most; every Black girl interviewed said she hoped to get a White doll. Need to distinguish between two Black Vincentians of different complexions walking down the street? Call the darker-skinned one the Black one.

If you are under 51 and Vincentian, you’ve never voted in a general election that installed a Black prime minister. If you’re under 32 and Vincentian, you’ve never even seen a Black Vincentian prime minister. In 32 years of Independence, merely the first 4 were under a Black-led Administration. With only the benefit of our 2001 Population and Housing Census, and assuming no dramatic changes in the 10+ years since publication, this means that a paltry 16% of Vincentians are old enough to have voted in the last and only general election won by a party led by a Black man, viz Robert Milton Cato’s St. Vincent Labour Party in 1979. More than 60% of Vincentians had not been born yet.

The data speak to the staggering youthfulness of our population, and hence the mammoth responsibility this implies for Rastafarians, the progressives, and the generations of Vincentians who benefited from the identity politics of the 1970s, all of whom are now clearly in the minority. In part due to the relative silence and disengagement of these groups in our postmodern ethos, we enable the emergence of local leaders who exploit Black self-loathing. The current prime minister has described a then dissenting Black public servant Anesia Baptiste as “picky head[ed]”; asserted that only one with the face of Jesus could lead this nation, knowing that the popular conception of Jesus is White; and famously claimed that George Bush would not be able to see my father, his dark skinned Black opponent, at night, all to rapturous applause from his Black, invariably dark skinned supporters.

I see a real abdication of that responsibility by my friend Jomo Thomas. Mr. Thomas knows all too well the semiotic significance of comments like “every time Eustace stands next to Gonsalves, the PM looks like a genius” as he stated in his 3rd February 2012 “Plain Talk” column in The Vincentian Newspaper, and attempted to justify in his 10th February column following a discussion I had with him.

Given that he describes as “folklore” the claim that race “partly explains” (para. 2; 10/2/12) the longevity of Dr. Gonsalves and Sir James Mitchell, it is no wonder that he denies the revolting imagery his juxtaposition invites. Mr. Thomas forgets that in his 3rd February column he calls Mr. Eustace “silly” repeatedly. He does not merely disagree with Mr. Eustace’s decision not to accept Dr. Gonsalves’ offer to withdraw two defamation suits. He belittles instead. But the thrust of Mr. Thomas’ work suggests a caricature of Mr. Eustace as intellectually inferior and puerile. Mr. Thomas splits hairs when he argues that he does not criticize Mr. Eustace’s intelligence in general, just his political intelligence. What is a politically unintelligent politician? A man out of his depth.

Mr. Thomas’ criticism of Dr. Gonsalves as egomaniacal reminds me of an affected middle-class mother bemoaning her child’s distaste for ground provisions. Her complaint is designed to reinforce her child’s and therefore her own class standing. In the same vein, arrogance is not considered unusual among the highly intelligent; Mr. Thomas’ description does not diminish Dr. Gonsalves’ perceived brilliance.

I agree with Mr. Thomas’ assertion that we need more contrarians. It would be nice if Mr. Thomas were to join them.

We need open, uncomfortable and sustained discussion of race in St. Vincent and the Grenadines by Vincentians of all races and opinions, not apologetics. Black self-loathing is a national problem.

Maia Eustace

I went to pay my Electricity Bill sometime in January and enquired from the Cashier why my bill has gone from $451.00> $651.00 plus this was around Fri Jan 13th and were told the fuel Surcharge went up and I started making noise saying things such as he just running his damn mouth in Parliment talking Crap he mentioned water and property increases. I asked the Cashier why no announcement were made for the General Public to know about this, On Monday 16th Jan an announce was made on NBC Radio 705 about the fuel increase. It took my big mouth for them to put this to the public and you know my mouth is not a quiet one. Is then the other Consumers started grumbling about the increase

Port Authority is owing workers fo three years increment but yet every week a minister is sending a new worker in all department.The newest requirement to work on the port especially security department you got to be collecting pension and retired.It use to be between the ages of 19 and 35, now is 55 and up because you carrying a red card, how unfair it is to the young people.

In the last term of the NDP, [1998-2001] the Party had lost some of its popularity, with the Labour Party making accusations of corruption and lack of innovative ideas. This was the time Son Mitchell saw it fit to hand pick Mr. Eustace as Party Leader. The Party went into a forced Election and lost badly, 12-3. Some so called party faithfuls ran for cover, thousands were scared to be associated with the NDP, former Board Members who profited from the NDP's rein simply deleted themselves from public. It was Arnhim Ulric Eustace who took the NDP and started to rebuild it. NDP in Opposition during the Labour Party's rein during the 1979-1984 period NEVER had a candle light march, never had a picket or any protest of any sort, but the Party had Son Mitchell as Leader, a man who many believe to be charismatic and not soft, But that Labour Government at that time WAS THE MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT of that era, why were they no protest of any sort? I would leave that there.
Today we have a vibrant Party with a Leader who believes in preserving morals and retaining peace, a man who would not destroy the Country to attain power, so is that soft? Yet he led 5 peaceful Candle light marches, 2 peaceful pickets of the Financial Complex, 1peaceful protest at the Grenadines wharf, 8 peaceful boycotts of the Parliament, 1 peaceful shut down of the Parliament and 2 peaceful attempted shut downs of the City. The NDP with Mitchell at the helm NEVER took part in any of these activities. Today NDP has the most powerful youth organization, the most Party groups by any Party in our history and most important of all, the NDP moved from the loss in 2001 [12-3] to [8-7] 2010 and who must we blame? Arnhim Ulric Eustace, "he too soft, he should burn down building in Kingstown, he should block the roads, he should cause blood to run????" Tell me my friends, what more can a Leader do?

Trouble in Secondary School by perspective ULP candidate
We are just getting over a situation at the Union Island Secondary School which almost brought the institution down, now we are once again faced with another situation that threatened to undermine the stability of this institution. The situation could get worst if not handled properly. Sir, could you imagine that one male teacher at this secondary school has verbally threatened another, who advised him that he regarded the matter as a threat and could report the matter to the police. This male teacher who has recently from studies abroad, and have political aspirations having been tipped to be the next ULP candidate in the Southern Grenadines Feels he owns the school. He was on the rampage on Friday abusing the other male member of staff and accusing him of getting into his business etc. and promise to take care of matters with his threats. He has no regards for the other members of staff and usually operates in a high handed manner. Now he is threatening other members of staff wanting to push things down throat etc. This is one of the most despicable behaviour I have witnessed in a staff room.

This male teacher was one of those who were instrumental in helping to creating chaos at the school at the beginning of the term and getting rid of the acting principal, Mr. Stewart. He loves power and will do anything to get it. He gets time off on a regular basis to attend ULP executive meetings on the main land. For the first week of this school term he was absent from school, handling personal and party matters on the mainland while our children suffers. He walks about trying to canvass votes from teachers on the school compound during school hours. Mr. Prime Minister I am a supporter of this party but if you want to lose by a larger margin in the Southern Grenadines just continue with this braggart and puffed up individual. The one which you have now - that is Mr. Snagg is bad and now you are investing in somebody worst than him. Give me a break. If you can't find a suitable candidate don't invest in anyone else because the one you have now just isn't cutting it. Imagine he hasn’t reach any where as yet and power has already gone to his head. I sure won’t be voting for him, so one gone along with my family.

Crossing the floor in the Southern Grenadines.

school children in trouble
I am a concerned citizen of the island of Mayreau and I need you to please give me the space in your program to express my disgust about the fact that our children from Mayreau are in trouble at the Union Island Secondary school because of the stupidity of some teachers teaching there. I am so hurt that I think that one teacher in particular should be reprimanded for his stupidity and callus behaviour in the handling of a disciplinary matter at the school.

When we send our children to school, we place them in the hands of teachers and we expect that these teachers would look out for them regardless of where they are from and who their parents are. It was reported to me that two students were fighting in a class, and this teacher who happen to be present stop the fighting. In doing so however, the students show their intention of continuing the fight. It is what happens next that shocked me, would you believe that the teacher said to the students, ok if you all want to fight, go ahead and fight. So the fight continued. It was at this point that a student from Mayreau intervened and said to the teacher that is not right, why should you tell them to fight. The student said at this point the teacher then asked her, if I told you to go and jump over the banister will you do it? The girl said she said yes, and the teacher replied will go jump over the banister then to which she responded and jumped over the porch banister from upstairs to downstairs. Luckily she said she landed on two sports sponge used for high jump where were stored just down stairs.

Now think of what could have happened if those things were not there. This is a very serious matter and the ministry of education should investigate this matter. We the people of Mayreau are treated with disrespect by this government in terms of access to secondary school for our children. They did nothing to assist us and now that we are paying the transportation fees so that our children can attend school, is this the way in which our children should be treated by this male teacher? This girl could have been killed or be seriously injured because of the stupidity of this teacher.

I am made to understand that this teacher has just recently returned from studies and have been assigned to the school in September. Again I ask the Ministry of education to investigate the matter for we the people of Mayreau will not take this matter lying down. Who would have been responsible if this student was seriously injured or killed?

Is this male teacher a responsible person? Should he be teaching at a secondary school or be teaching at all, if this is the kind of encouragement he is giving to students? The Minister of Education can get all the relevant information from the Mayreau students who travel from Mayreau to Union island and back on a daily basis if she really cares about what is happening and investigate teacher verbal abuse of students by some teachers at the school. Mr. Eustace, please, please address this matter, we are counting on you. I wish Matthew and Junior could talk about this one. What an education revolution, they want to kill us now.